Pepper Tutorial <2>: Box manipulation

In Pepper Tutorial <1>, we made Pepper say "Hello" by connecting boxes using Choregraphe.

In this tutorial, we will explain about the boxes in more detail through the use of some examples on Choregraphe.

Box Structure

Boxes are the building blocks of the application behaviour, and they are the parts that represent various functionalities with different levels of complexity.

Boxes can be found and used from the Box libraries, and users may also define their own original boxes or import from external sources that someone else has created into the Box libraries.

  1. Box name

  2. Box icon

  3. Box description: appears when cursor is on the box

  4. Inputs: connectors for receiving signals to start or stop the box or some other data

  5. Output: connector for sending the data or stop signal

  6. Parameter button: for modifying box settings

Input and Output

There are different types of inputs and outputs.

Types defined by icons

Each input and output has an associated icon displayed with it.


[onStart] The box is on start state when the signal is sent to this input. The behaviour of the start state varies depending on the type of box.