Pepper Tutorial <4>: Start a conversation, create sounds

In this tutorial, we will explain about different kinds of things we can do with Pepper's voice recognition/output functionalities.

Sensors & Output specifications

Listed below are the sound related sensors and output devices embedded in Pepper


  • 2 x Head speakers (Right [A], Left [B])

  • Tablet speaker


  • 4 x Head microphones (back left [A], back right [B], front left [C], front right [D])

Creating sounds

In this tutorial, we will explain how to make an application that makes the sound "Meow" when users touch Pepper’s head.

The supported sound files are those in .wav format and .ogg format for the virtual robot, as well as .mp3 format for Pepper.

Please prepare the appropriate sound file before starting this tutorial.

1. Prepare boxes

  • Sensing > Touch > Tactile Head

  • Multimedia > Sound > Play Sound

2. Connect boxes