Pepper Tutorial <6>: Touch sensor, Human recognition

In this tutorial, we will explain about the specifications and behaviours of touch sensor and human recognition functionalities.

For this tutorial, the hardware Pepper robot is required to simulate the applications as touch sensor and human recognition systems cannot be simulated on the virtual robot.

Sensor specifications

1. 3 sensors on the head: front [A], centre [B], back [C]

2. 1 each on the back of the hand

Touch Detection

In this tutorial, we will make Pepper respond as the touch on head and hand sensors is detected.

1. Prepare boxes

  • Sensing > Touch > Tactile Head

  • Sensing > Touch > Tactile L.Hand

  • Sensing > Touch > Tactile R.Hand

  • Speech > Creation > Say x 5

2. Connect boxes

Just like the “Tactile Head box”, “Tactile L.Hand/R.Hand” boxes also have 3 outputs, but only backTouched output in the middle is outputted for Pepper.