Pepper Tutorial <7>: Image recognition

In this tutorial, we will explain about the specification/behaviour of image recognition system implemented in Pepper through creating some sample applications on Choregraphe.

For this tutorial, the hardware Pepper robot is required to simulate the applications as image recognition system cannot be simulated on the virtual robot.

Sensor specifications

1. two 2D cameras (forehead [A] & mouth [B])

2. 3D camera (infrared exposure [C], infrared detection [D])

Pepper uses these cameras to process human and object recognition.

Using Choregraphe to Check the Image Input

Image input from Pepper’s camera can be checked on Choregraphe.

Video monitor pane:

Video monitor pane is used to manipulate the image input.

Go to [View] menu and select [Video monitor] to open the pane.

It allows you to check the image input as well as to control Vision Recognition Database.

  1. Camera image: image input from Pepper’s camera

  2. Play/Pause button: on Play, outputs the real-time input from the camera

  3. Learn button: switch to image learning mode

  4. Import button: import Vision Recognition Database from local file to Choregraphe

  5. Export button: export Vision Recognition Database from Choregraphe to local file

  6. New button: create new Vision Recognition Database

  7. Send button: send current Vision Recognition Database to Pepper

Monitor Application: