Pepper Tutorial <3>: Create poses

In this tutorial

We will explain learn how to control Pepper and the specifications of Pepper's joints through creation of various poses with the upper half of Pepper's body.

Each specification of actuator

There are some actuators for creating Pepper's poses.

  • Head: Neck (2 axis: Pitch, Yaw)

  • Arms: Shoulders (2 axis: Roll, Pitch), Elbows (2 axis: Yaw, Roll), Arms (Yaw), and Hands (Open, Close fingers)

  • Lower body: Waist (2 axis: Pitch, Roll), Knees (Pitch)

Control panel

Pose Library Pane

Pose Library pane is used for managing Pepper's poses.

If the pane is not displayed on your Choregraphe, go to [View] menu and click [Pose library].

  1. List of poses: Open context menu (Delete, Position properties, Create Folder) with right click. With double click, the robot connected with Choregraphe makes a corresponding pose.

  2. Open position library

  3. Export current position Library

  4. Add a pose: Add the current pose displayed on the robot view (virtual robot) to Pose Library.

Robot View

Robot View pane is used for checking the status of the connected robot or virtual robot as well as for handling joint movements. In addition, it also displays auxiliary information such as the position of the face recognised by the robot and the human detection range.

If the Robot view pane is not displayed on your Choregraphe, go to [View] menu and click [Robot view].

  1. Robot

  2. 3D information

  3. On / Off: 3D information

  4. On / Off: object information stored in ALWorldRepresentation.

  5. Update / not update: robot position

  6. Update / not update: motors position

  7. On / Off: showing engagement zone

  8. On / Off: showing perceived people

Listed below can also be done on the Robot view pane.

  • Move display area: hold left click and drag.

  • Zoom in / Zoom out: mouse scroll / pinch.

  • Move perspective: hold right click and drag.

Create poses

First, let's create "stop" pose. There are two ways to make a pose: work on Choregraphe, or move the Pepper hardware.

Work on Choregraphe

Using Choregraphe, you can manage the virtual robot and robot's joints.

Edit with motion Inspector

Click the virtual robot displayed on the robot view pane to open the motion Inspector pane.


You can move Pepper's joints by moving a slider on the motion inspector pane. A robot has Anti-self-collision mechanism, which it avoids colliding with other body parts of its own automatically. Thus when you move Pepper's joint, it sometimes moves in an unintentional way.

Edit with rotation handle

The ring (Rotation handle) that appears on the robot view when you click on the virtual robot is for controlling the joints.

The width of the ring handle widens to indicate which ring you are on, and you can drag the ring to configure the joints, as shown in the picture below.

Storing poses

Poses can be stored into the pose library and each can be called anytime.

  1. Click the "Add potion" button with your robot making the pose you would like to save.

  1. In the [Create a new position] dialog box, fill out the information of the pose.

You can enter the name of the pose [A], and register the image of the pose. By clicking the [Screenshot] button [C], you can set the contents of the current robot view to the pose image[B].

3. Click “OK”, then the pose is registered.

The pose stored in the library can be applied on the robot by double clicking on it.

It is also possible to edit the existing pose using the [Export Position Library] button and the [Open Position Library] button on the pose library pane.

Create Poses with Pepper

With the Animation Mode, you can also make a pose using Pepper hardware.

To enter the animation mode, click the [animation mode] button on the toolbar while connecting to Pepper.

Head and Neck positions

  1. Pepper's eyes turn orange when setting the animation mode on.

  1. When you touch Pepper's head, a part of the eyes turns green and the stiffness of the neck joint is released. This indicates that you can move Pepper's neck joint to create a pose.

3. The stiffness comes back on by touching Pepper's head again. Pepper's eyes will turn back to orange. The created pose will be reflected on the Robot View pane.

Arm positions

  1. Make sure to turn the Animation mode on and check that Pepper's eyes are orange.

2. When you touch the back of Pepper's hand, the stiffness of the arm joints is released. You can manipulate the arm position while touching the back of the hand.

3. When you release the back of Pepper's hand, the stiffness of arm joints comes back on.

Exit animation mode

To exit the animation mode, click the [animation mode] button again or touch Pepper's head and hold for more than 3 seconds and release.

You can register the pose created with the animation mode to the pose library on Choregraphe and play it whenever you like.

Run a created pose

In this tutorial, we will explain how to run newly created pose as a box on Choregraphe.

As an example, we will create 8 different poses shown in the pictures below and register each of them in the pose library.

The Box f